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Illuminate Your Space Efficiently with Our  LED Panel Light 15 Watt

Introducing our innovative “LED Panel Light 15 Watt”, the epitome of modern lighting. This round LED downlight is designed to enhance your surroundings with a perfect blend of efficiency and aesthetics.

Customizable Color Temperature:

Tailor your lighting experience by choosing from five distinct color temperatures: 2700K warm white, 3000K soft white, 3500K natural white, 4000K cool white, or 5000K bright white. Your space, your choice.

Ample Brightness, Minimal Energy Usage:

Emitting a powerful 1400 lumens of bright, crisp light, these lights are on par with larger fixtures. Enjoy enhanced illumination in your space while keeping energy consumption at a minimum. More light, less wattage.

LED Panel Light 15 Watt Effortless Installation:

Designed with a lightweight and thin profile, each LED wafer light is easy to handle and install, especially in shallow ceilings. Forget about the need for a can—each ultra-thin recessed light comes with its own jbox, simplifying wiring, and spring-loaded clips for a seamless, flush-to-ceiling finish.

Indoor and Outdoor Ready:

Versatility at its best. These downlights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Wet location rated, they can endure rain and damp areas, making them ideal for installation in soffits, eaves, showers, and more.

Upgrade your lighting to the next level with our 15-Watt LED Panel Light. Experience exceptional brightness, energy efficiency, and style—all in one remarkable package. Illuminate your world the smart way.

YONO LAMP Catalog:LED Panel Light 15 Watt

LED Panel Light 15 Watt

new led panel 15 watt round led downlight




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