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China is the production of lighting products and consumption of large countries, lighting LED Flood Light electricity accounted for about 13% of the electricity consumption of the whole society. With the progress of society, People’s energy-saving consciousness is also more and more high, led energy-saving lamps favored by the vast number of consumers, including lamp panel, led drop ceiling lights, led ceiling down light, LED factory lights ,3 blade light,led panel light bulb and many other types.

rich results on google's SERP when searching for"led down light"
rich results on google’s SERP when searching for”led down light”

LED lamps compared with traditional lamps

Compared with the traditional lighting lamps, LED ceiling panel they have high safety factor, low calorific value, less power consumption, long life, good color rendering, quick reaction speed, no flash frequency, no eye injury, and thin and short products. If the use of China’s 1.4 billion incandescent lamps to replace all the lamp panel, led drop ceiling lights, led ceiling down light, LED factory lights ,led 3 blade light,led panel light bulb, etc., can save 48 billion-kilowatt times a year.

Some experts say: LED as a global competition for the development of strategic new industries, China’s crisis era to promote industrial transformation and upgrade, LED Flood Light to promote energy saving and emission reduction of the engine.

Indoor led panel light products have entered a period of rapid development

With the continuous improvement of LED technology and the decreasing cost, lamp panel, led drop ceiling lights, led ceiling down light, LED factory lights ,3 blade light,led panel light bulb in the urban landscape lighting, decorative lighting and small-size backlight applications have entered a mature stage, in the field of large-scale backlight, large-screen display has entered a rapid growth period; General lighting products will be introduced into the rapid development of the growth period.

In the current huge market prospects, businessmen have flocked to led energy-saving lamp market, and strive to occupy a place, but also make the industry appear a mixed, good and bad coexistence of the chaotic image, so that consumers miserable. In this case, consumers have begun to stay away from the motley, the target directly locked in the formal enterprise brand-name products, for a time, LED Flood Light domestic LED lighting market brand-name Ice fire dual days.

Outdoor led garden lights, led wall lights, led garden lights will also usher in new development

In addition to LED panel lights for household products such as indoor LED lights, the overall coverage of LED lighting in the market is low, with an average penetration rate of only 2.6% in 2012. LED lighting is the main market for early demonstration projects that drive urban construction, dedicated to public lighting, including the installation of LED street lights on streets, the use of LED tunnel lights, LED garden lights, and the use of outdoor LED decorative lights in squares. Public lighting products such as subways. Commercial lighting and industrial lighting products, especially outdoor LED garden lights and LED outdoor wall lights are showing good signs and developing rapidly. There will be a lot of room for development at home and abroad for led home panel lights and led outdoor decorative lights.

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