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Foldable led light by YONO

Integrating the concept of foldable into the design of LED light will change the traditional way of using lamps and greatly improve the practicability and convenience of lamps. Facing the increasingly tense living space, those design products with strong practicality and flexibility are more and more favored by consumers, and the foldable design meets the needs of consumers. The foldable design saves space and is easy to carry And transportation, with strong variability and flexibility. The design concept of Folding LED Light Bulb comes from the art of origami.

Foldable LED Light
3 blade light

Design concept of Foldable LED Light

Today’s lamps must not only have the best internal quality, but also be simple, bright, elegant, safe and economical. To meet the requirements of people’s life, production and cultural entertainment, to provide people with an optimal visual lighting environment. The shape of lamps and lanterns pursues the organic combination of artistry and science. In addition to reasonable functions, the shape of lamps and lanterns should also beautify the environment, decorate buildings and create atmosphere.
The design of lamps and lanterns must not only have modern scientific and technological achievements, but also reflect cultural characteristics. It must organically combine science and artistry, and should not pursue science or artistry one-sidedly.

Foldable LED Light
4 Foldable LED Light

Foldable LED Light by YONO

YONO’s Foldable LED Light Bulb produces this Folding Daylight LED Light Bulb according to the design concept of Folding Light. This Folding Daylight LED Light Bulb is called 3 Bulb A/C Powered Folding Light, 4 Bulb A/C Powered Folding Light, 5 Bulb A/C Powered Folding Light, 6 Bulb A/C Powered Folding Light according to the number of bulbs. Some places have other names for this lamp, such as Folding LED Garage Light Bulb, Folding LEDWorkshop Lamp, Universal 3-Panel Daylight LED Light Bulb, three-leaf LED light bulb.
This Foldable LED Light is made of high-quality plastic material, which is mosquito and insect-proof and durable. The lamp is shaped like a three-leaf and is very attractive. Meanwhile this Fan Blade Led Bulb is equipped with LED lighting, which can provide you with uniform and bright white light. This Foldable Fan Blade Led Light Bulb has the advantages of low power consumption and bright light at the same time. Of course, this light can also choose different luminous colors. You can even make each bulb emit a different color. You can customize the luminous color according to your needs.
It consumes very little electricity compared to a standard light bulb or other lighting fixtures. It is also very convenient to use. You can plug it into the power supply like other light bulbs and get bright light.
This Foldable LED Light Bulb can also adjust the brightness and has a foldable design to take it with you. Use it every day in your bedroom, bathroom, lounge area, lawn, and more for the perfect lighting solution.

Folding Light
RGB 4 blade light

Fan Blade Led Bulb Price from YONO

Let me tell you a piece of good news, this Foldable LED Light from YONO is now mature in design and production. Our current price will surprise you, please contact us to inquire, let us sell this folding light together!

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