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3 big china lamps markets

Do you know the china lamps markets? China is a very large manufacturing country in the world, and each city has its own specialty products. It is not easy for foreigners to find cities in China that produce lamps. Today YONO selected three representative lighting industry bases for you, China Lighting Capital, China Lighting Hometown and China’s High-quality Lighting City. From some of their developments, you can see that China’s lighting industry development of.

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1.In 2001, the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry named Liangnong Town as the “Hometown of Chinese Lamps”

In 2005, China National Light Industry Council and China Lighting Association named Liangnong Town as “China’s Lamp Manufacturing Base. Liangnong Town is a town under the jurisdiction of Yuyao City, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It is a national key town and a national civilized town.
In the early days, Liangnong Town’s lighting products were mainly outdoor lights and outdoor lights. The technological content of the products was not high, and the market competitiveness was not strong. In order to speed up industrial transformation and upgrading, the government supports lighting enterprises to explore emerging markets at home and abroad. In 2008, a large number of new lighting products came out one after another in Liangnong Town. Local lighting companies developed new products such as LED outdoor lights and small energy-saving lamps that are very popular in foreign markets, and were favored by foreign markets.

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2.The Lighting Capital of China: Guzhen Town

In 2002, China Light Industry Federation and China Lighting Association jointly awarded Guzhen the honorary title of “China Lighting Capital”. Guzhen Town is a town under the jurisdiction of Zhongshan City. It has been selected as the first batch of small towns with Chinese characteristics and one of the top 1000 towns with comprehensive strength in the country. Lighting is the leading industry and economic pillar of Guzhen Town.

Since its development in 1982, it has formed a lighting industry cluster centered on Guzhen, covering 11 towns and districts in three surrounding cities, with an annual output value of over 100 billion yuan. It has become one of the world’s largest lighting One of the professional markets is the largest professional lighting production base and wholesale market in China. Around lamps and lighting decorations, Guzhen Town has held activities such as Lighting Expo, Lighting Culture Festival, Lighting Accessories Exhibition, and Lighting Design Week Brand Conference. There are also “Lighting Ten Mile Long Street” and professional lighting stores in Guzhen Town.

In 2014, the total output value of the lighting industry in Guzhen town reached 16.08 billion yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the Chinese market share; the total export value was 480 million US dollars, and the products were exported to more than 130 countries and regions including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, the United States and Europe. . In 2017, Guzhen Town had 38,000 industrial and commercial enterprises for lighting and accessories, including 7,739 lighting merchants. Guzhen Town has also become a pilot of the national market procurement trade mode, enjoying a relatively large popularity and reputation at home and abroad.

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3.The first city of China’s high-quality lighting: Beijing Shilihe Lighting City

In 2008, Beijing Shilihe Lighting City was named “China’s First City of Fine Lighting” by the China Business Enterprise Management Association. This is one of the largest professional lighting stores in China with a large scale and complete categories.
The operating area of Shilihe Lighting City is more than 100,000 square meters. Nearly 500 merchants have settled here, with more than 4,000 practitioners. The Lighting City is divided into three commercial areas: the home lighting area, the engineering lighting area, and the lighting mall boutique area. It covers thousands of lighting brands and tens of thousands of lighting products.
In order to facilitate domestic and foreign customers to purchase. Lighting City has created a set of professional humanized high-quality service system. The shopping mall has a free leisure water bar area and a variety of barrier-free facilities. You can come to China and visit these three cities that produce lamps. Of course, if you don’t have time, welcome to contact YONO company. We source lamps from all over China for you.

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