YONO LED LIGHTS Lighting Your Idea!


Wen Zhou Yono Lighting Co.,Ltd was founded by Mr. Chen in 2011. At the beginning, we were an OEM company for other companies. With high-quality products, warm service and more affordable prices, our LED wall lamps have been well received. The affirmation of clients from all over the world.

In 2016, we decided to create our own LED lamp brand “YONO”. “YONO” brand initially produced light panels, including single color light panels, 2-in-1 light panels and RGB light panels with remote controls. Due to its novel style, better quality and lower price, it is very popular in African countries. After years of development, our products have become more and more diversified, covering wall lamps, light strips, light bulbs, lamp sockets, corn lamps, etc. A variety of LED lighting products. At the same time, the products are also sold to more countries in Asia, America, Europe, etc.

YONO continues to innovate and launch new frameless light panel in 2022, with newer style, lower price and higher cost-performance, which will become our main product in 2023. I believe you will not be disappointed if you cooperate with YONO . We are responsible for the products and each customer, and cooperate with YONO to open our win-win business opportunities.